This post is going to be about my experience with people and my tattoos.

So a little background explanation: my workplace has recently lifted it’s strict rules about tattoos being on show and not allowed to dye your hair crazy colours. So I now have green/blue hair and my two tattoos on display. My two tattoos is a set of paw prints and also a Harry Potter quote (they are not in fact related) which is ‘To the well organised mind, death is but the next great adventure’

Honestly, I have only ever had one customer say to me ‘how are you going to feel when you’re old with your tattoos?’. My reaction was: ‘I’ll get them touched up and I’ll still like them’ (admittedly it was said a lot more awkwardly and with more pauses).

People’s reactions have been surprisingly a lot more supportive than that one customer. Most of them ask me to keep my arm still so they can read it or ask me what it says. The majority of them don’t understand where the quote comes from so they just think it’s something profound and insightful and I’m happy to let them think that. Several people have guessed the paw prints are for a pet so will ask ‘cat or dog’. So far only one person has gotten the quote and was pretty happy (and a teacher once I told her it was  a harry potter quote on my arm). I think this shows that the world has changed, and so have the views. It makes me so happy that older people are more accepting than they are made out to be and are able to change with flow with the times. It just brings me joy when people think it’s a really smart quote or proverb and don’t criticise me for my choices. A few people ask if my tattoos hurt and I admit to think the paw prints on my wrist and the lettering closest to there hurt but I just go stock still and refuses to move. It’s gotten me excited for my next tattoo.

My hair colour is a different story altogether. Most people don’t comment on it, but those who do love it. One woman even described it as summery.

Like I’ve said before: it gives me joy to see the older generations moving with the times and becoming more accepting of the younger generations choices.


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