Pre-Travel Blog 

So, tomorrow I am travelling down to London. 

After recent attacks, I have to admit I am a little nervous however. I hope that these terror attacks stop and that people can just enjoy life without living in fear. I will not let the tragic and recent attack overshadow my enjoyment. My biggest fear, however is the upcoming election this week. It is an excellent target for certain cruel individuals. My mother has decided that we won’t be near the town centre that day and I admit it eases my mind a little. I pray that no more attacks happen though. 

On a more cheerier note, I am so excited to be going back to London. There is something planned for every day. My dad wants to go to the original Hard Rock cafe (we visit them in every city we’ve been to- Edinburgh, New York City, Orlando) and now we’re adding London to the list. For me, the highlight is going to the Warner Brother studios for the Harry potter tour. I’ve been wanting to do that for ages as I am a huge potterhead and this visit I am going! Bring on all the geeking out. We’re also doing the London Eye again. As well as visiting the zoo for the first time and taking dad to see les miserables (which, side note Is absolutely fantastic).

Despite the shadow of fear, I am definitely excited for this trip. I shall try and update this blog every day with my adventures. 


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