I started a bullet journal 

I like to be organised. Everything I have to do/ need to do gets written down. I write lists about lists. I get thrown off if my day plan or list doesn’t go accordingly. I get stressed if I don’t start listing things I need for a holiday two months before (like I am right now about London). A few of my university friends suggested I tried out the bullet journal. 

When I first looked at it, it seemed far to confusing and complicated for my liking so I left if for a few months.  Until I saw this post on pinterest that made it seem so much simpler and the world just fell into place. The post broke down the basics and explained in a way that it made total sense. And now I am obsessed with bullet journaling. It is absolutely everything I have ever needed in my life and I am kicking myself for not starting on sooner. Better late than never.  It is just pure genius and even better: I get to do it my way. I can make it as colour coded and organised as I like. I absolutely love it. 

After I’ve gotten it to the way I like and figure out the rest, I shall write and article about getting started and even through in a few ideas as well.  


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