I started a bullet journal 

I like to be organised. Everything I have to do/ need to do gets written down. I write lists about lists. I get thrown off if my day plan or list doesn’t go accordingly. I get stressed if I don’t start listing things I need for a holiday two months before (like I am right now about London). A few of my university friends suggested I tried out the bullet journal. 

When I first looked at it, it seemed far to confusing and complicated for my liking so I left if for a few months.  Until I saw this post on pinterest that made it seem so much simpler and the world just fell into place. The post broke down the basics and explained in a way that it made total sense. And now I am obsessed with bullet journaling. It is absolutely everything I have ever needed in my life and I am kicking myself for not starting on sooner. Better late than never.  It is just pure genius and even better: I get to do it my way. I can make it as colour coded and organised as I like. I absolutely love it. 

After I’ve gotten it to the way I like and figure out the rest, I shall write and article about getting started and even through in a few ideas as well.  


The Booking Of A New Adventure

After much debate I have decided to dive into my savings and book myself a wee trip away. It has been something I have been debating for, for a few years now but now I have actually bit the bullet and done it. I have decided to go visit on of my favourite European cities and to cross of a bucket list item. I am going to Paris! I’ve been before but it was so long ago, I can barely remember it. I’ve also decided that I am going to visit Disneyland whilst I’m over there because I absolutely love Disney and my last trip was ruined by people’s impatience. So not only am I going back to a city I love, but I’m also doing it alone, which is something I’ve wanted to do.

I am ecstatic about this holiday, I’m even more excited than I am about going back to London. My family trip to London was meant to be a solo trip but my mum hinted she wanted to go back and then my dad got upset, so now they’re both coming with me. I’m not complaining cause they’re now paying for me (I have to provide my own spending money). Now I have two holidays to save up for. I cannot wait for this to happen. Everything is coming up Becca this year.

Whilst I’m in Paris, I’m hoping to visit the Notre Dame because it is something I have yet to do. i was delighted at learning you can get to it without having to go on a boat (I get motion sickness on ANYTHING on water- even water taxis and log flumes). and I’m looking forward to just walking around and doing all the touristy things. I’ve also read about a bookshop where if you work there for a few hours you can stay. How awesome is that? Since I’m older and wiser, I know I’ll drink plenty of water and wear a lot of suncream. Last time was extremely hot and I was a little shit for keeping hydrated. I will not let the heat (or sun burn) ruin this trip around.

This is it. This is the beginning of Becca’s Wonderland Adventures. I shall bog about my trip to London, and then Paris. Here’s to a future filled with travelling.