New Year, definitely not a new me

Well, that’s another year gone and dusted and boy, last year was a roller coaster. But that’s behind me now, so it’s too the future I look.

This year, I’ve decided to make one resolution and that I plan to stick to it: I’m not going to take shit from anybody. No more, emotional abuse from boyfriends because I’m too soft, no more letting old people just stop in front of me in the middle of streets or shopping centres (I’ve decided I’m going to either walk into them or scream random noises at them). The only time I’m going to hold back is when I’m at work and have to be nice and polite to customers, because I need the money more than I need the satisfaction of shutting down a rude customer.

I’m also aiming to change my eating habits (but i’m not doing this as a resolution). I have low iron levels in my blood stream, and I also have the most irrational fear of trying new food. I aim to change that, for my health more than anything else. I’m 21 years old dammit, I should be able to eat proper food. I’m also going to hit the gym and get fitter and healthier (not going to lie, I want a nice body so I can do more cosplays that I want to do but do not have the confidence)

Now before you say anything: You don’t need to have a thin body to do cosplays! I am absolutely aware of this, but this is a personal goal. I am using something I love to motivate me into doing something. Plus, years of bullying for being fat is difficult to move on from easily, although recently I have become a lot more confident in myself.

So here’s to a New year, and not changing who I am, apart from health wise!



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