An Apology

Hey my lovely viewers!

I just want to first and foremost apologise for not being active lately! I know, I know, I promised you a review a day leading up to Christmas. Unfortunately my work load became overwhelming and I had to, understandably, prioritise that above everything else. I can assure you now that I am done with this semester and I will get up a few reviews in the next coming week!

Watch this space

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Rocking Out to the School of Rock

Okay, so I know this is not on any of my lists for this year however, when I saw Amazon Prime had this classic movie, I couldn’t resist. I was looking for a light, fun movie to watch in bed whilst on holiday, and School of Rock was exactly what I needed.

Growing up this movie has become a sort of cult classic for my generation, the majority of people around my age have seen this movie and we will quote you whenever the chance arises, and get audibly shocked when you admit you haven’t seen it. I enjoy this movie, and since I haven’t seen it all the way through in almost a decade, it was definitely worth the revisit.

Jack Black is an extremely relatable character as Duey/Ned. We all have our dreams, and sometimes we lose our selves in those dreams. He is a fun, rocker who sticks it to the man and gave us a sense of rebellion against grades and to whoever the man may be. He also showed us that in the end, grades shouldn’t matter, it should be about learning and having fun and inn the end, going for what you enjoy doing most. It also points out the bullshit that is the school system, and like most fun, family-friendly movies, it has a warm hearted ending.

The kids are absolutely fantastic as well, and it covers a wide range of themes and topics with children, giving us all some lifelong lesson. Jack Black gave those kids some valuable lessons: whether is accepting who you are, or pursuing what you want despite the world being against you. He catered to what the children needed, and what their talents were, and even changed their roles about to suite what they wanted, not just want he wanted. Here we see him start of as a lazy, selfish prick but after being kicked out of his band for being too controlling, he quickly adapts to letting everyone have their say, making sure they vote and listen to each other’s ideas. Yes, on occasion he does manipulate the children to get his on way, like convincing them it’s a secret project, and giving Summer the role of the boss to stop her from blabbing his questionable teaching methods.

The movie reminded me exactly why I loved this movie growing up and also made me question why I didn’t watch it as much as I should off. It caters to. A wide ranger of people, and for generations it should be a well loved movie. It has an amazing soundtrack, which is probably a root to my love of rock music because honestly, I can’t figure out where that love came from (my parents have similar music tastes yet quite the opposite taste in music). It also gave me a sense of childhood rebellion, wanting to stick it to the man and say NO I AM ROCKING OUT. Of course I watched it in a hotel room and didn’t want to upset anyone since I’m on the business floor.

The movie is one of those classics that hold u[ throughout the years. It’s themes are still relevant today: you still have parents pushing their children to be smaller, idealistic versions of themselves, you still have the strict and sometimes failing school systems, and you still have children who are bullied and ‘uncool’ and have issues with their weight. This film is all about embracing who you are and going for your dreams. The children, despite being at first easily influence, come to their own terms, and realise that Mr Schneebly was right: they want to enter battle of the bands for themselves. I really enjoy this movie and highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a fun movie, with brilliant music and themes but doesn’t want to have to think about it too much. Sometimes, we all just need a movie we can watch without using our brain power too much

2018 Bucket list of Movies

Every year I make a list of movies and every year I fail to complete the list. At the end of the year, I am lucky to have seen at least 3 movies on the list. This year will be different. As I write reviews on movies now, I am hoping that this will inspire me to actually finish the list. To save myself embarrassment, I am going to limit the list to 20 movies for 2018, hopefully I shall have to publish a new list of movies by the mid year. Here’s hoping anyway…

  1. Baby Driver
  2. Citizen Kane
  3. Get Out
  4. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
  5. E.T
  6. Casablanca
  7. Nosferatu
  8. Boyhood
  9. Bicycle Thieves
  10. Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  11. Manchester by the Sea
  12. Apocalypse Now
  13. Goodfellas
  14. Amelie
  15. Memento
  16. Forrest Grump
  17. Silence of the Lambs
  18. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  19. Metropolis
  20. Requiem for a Dream

I know- as a film student, and film lover, I should have seen a lot of these films but I haven’t. I spend my younger years watching Disney Movies, teen-flicks and superhero movies. I am getting through my full list of movies to watch, slowly but surely. Anyway, these are the top 20 films I aim to watch this year between the new releases. I hope you’re all excited to follow my journey through film watching as I am.


The Year of the Superhero

Another year over and another year of fantastic films. I’m going to start this year with looking at what movies I am most looking forward to next year. They are in no particular order, so please bear that in mind.

1. Oceans 8

2. Mama Mia! Here we go again.

3. Avengers Infinity War

5. X-men: Dark Phoenix.

6. Ready Player One

7. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

8. Black Panther

9. Deadpool 2

10. Aquaman

11. Alita: Battle Angel

12. Venom

13. Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald

14. Mary Poppins Returns

15. Halloween.

16. Ant-man and the Wasp

17. Bohemian Rhaspsody

18. Early Man

19. Hellboy

20. Tomb Raider

I have to say, there are a lot of movies out next year that I am excited about. I think the one I’m most looking forward to has got to be Avengers: Infinity War. I have been following the build up for almost a decade now and I am super hyped to find out what happens. There are a few movies that i am sceptical about and will try and see (Mamma Mia 2, The Nutcracker etc) but i won’t be overly upset if i don’t catch them in cinema.

So, watch this space for all the latest movies out this year! As well as my continuously slow plough through my list of movies I probably should have already seen.

The Force Is Lacking With This One

So, it’s been a few days since I’ve seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi and in that time I thought about it a lot and honestly my opinions of the film have only gotten more negative. So without further ado, here is my review of the film. Also:


The film starts off like any other Star Wars movie with the roll credits at the start. And like every time I watch a Star Wars movie, I get a little bit excited. And then I read the credits. To me the opening sequence storyline made very little sense. And it just got worse from there.

There movie dragged. Honestly, at some points I could have quite happily have fallen asleep and woken up half an hour later without missing anything significant. The film lacked anything that the original trilogy, Force Awaken and Rogue One possessed: that classic Star Wars charm. The movie was dull, and didn’t keep up with the tradition of the middle movie being the best. Rogue One too that biscuit, and it was a sort of prequel. The movie took our favourite and beloved characters and desaturated them. Gone where the Leia and Luke that we know, and instead they were replaced by some dodgy fanfic writers views of them. What happened to the a strong, tough but loving Leia that we all know and love? What happened to my favourite space princess(may Carrie Fisher rest in peace). She was the one who never lost hope, who kept her followers and crew in place and didn’t take anyone’s shit. I honestly did not like the way Leia was portrayed in this movie. It is an insult to the legacy that is Princess Leia. And Luke. I could go on for hours about Luke Skywalker. Even Mark Hamill himself admitted that the Last Jedi’s Luke was not his Luke. Okay, so I get spending some time on an island, which isn’t even isolated because he has the aliens who look after the island and the progs, might drive someone a little crazy. Luke Skywalker was not the brilliant Jedi who broke his families legacy of falling off the ledge. He resisted the dark side, resisted the temptation and more importantly: he believed in those around him. Instead, we witness Luke Skywalker seriously about to murder his own nephew. He could sense the darkness in Ben Solo and instead of actually helping him, he thought about killing him, which pushed Ben over. Jedi’s seriously never learn from their mistakes. And what was that whole Yoda thing about??

The Force Awakens introduces us to our new trio of ragtag heroes and instantly tears them apart. The chemistry between Poe and Finn is gone,mom they seem more like acquaintances than the two rebels who escaped the Star Destroyer and took it apart. I will talk about Finn, Poe and Rey individually for this next setting.

Starting of with Finn. He was this goofy but strong willed and lovable kid who just wanted to escape the First Order. Because of his knowledge of the ships he once cleaned, he proved to be useful for the Rebels and their mission to destroy the First Order. So you would expect Leia to listen to him and to send him and most likely Poe to take down the enemy right? Wrong. Instead they attempted to bring in a new character, breaking the tradition of the trio of heroes, and force a romance on Finn that wasn’t Poe. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Rose but at the same time I found her insulting. Finn seemed to instantly forget about Rey and Poe and their mission, and decide to run off into the sunset with a girl who tased him. Rose would have been a fantastic character to a shake up everything and I genuinely do like her but I felt she went from a good and loyal friend of Finn’s, someone who could help him save the Rebels to a love interest. There was zero relationship development between Finn and Rose. Finn was merely Rose’s hero who she had falling in love with (the idea of Finn, not Finn himself). Finn barely had time to accept that Rey was gone (Did he ever actually get a full explanation or just shown the beacon?) and then next thing he’s “falling for” the maintaince girl.
He also barely got any screen time with Poe. I absolutely loved Poe and Finn and I honestly hoped that Disney and Lucasfilm would have take the risk of developing their relationship a bit more romantically. Oscar Isaac even admitted to playing Poe as someone who was romantically interested in Poe. The two boys didn’t even get much screen time together to start a bromance. I really enjoyed watching Poe and Finn develop a relationship and The Last Jedi took that away from me.

Now onto Poe’s character. What the hell. Like seriously, what have they done with my cocky, lovable pilot? Turned him into an overconfident bastard. Poe always respected Leia’s authority, sure he may clash but he would never have treated her the way he did. He was the rebellious leader, the ‘Han Solo’ if you please in the Trio and they tried far too hard to make him different from Han. If course he’s different but that doesn’t mean he can’t be similar. Poe is the one who takes the risks, and its a war so people are going to die. The way Poe acted was over the top and stupid. I get that Leia was in a coma when he made the decision to sneak Finn and Rose out, but Poe would have went with them. I doubt he would have missed an opportunity to take down a ship from the inside. Overall he was just a massive dick who only showed any real affection towards BB8. He was a fantastic character but he was lost when they tried to turn him too rebellious and disrespectful.

Now onto Rey. Rey is this brilliantly smart character who changed the way female protagonists are looked at. I like how she had very little romantic interest in anyone, and I’m they attempted to carry that onto the Last Jedi, however I feel like they tried to force the audience to ship Kylo and Rey. There was just no chemistry between the two actors and I felt like it reflected greatly on screen. She has barely had any contact with Kylo and all of a sudden, she’s seeing him half naked (with very ugly high waists on). I felt like they were trying to hard to turn her into a sith. She is a good character. She is selfless and brilliant and she understands people. I feel like she could be the one who reaches Kylo and bring back ben however I also believe she would not hesitate to beat the shit out of him, especially since he destroyed his own father, her first mentor, in front of her, and then attempted to penetrate her and turn her against her friends and family. Despite growing up on Jakuu, Rey has a very strong sense of good and evil and she’s loyal to her morals. However in the Last Jedi we see her throw those morals away as she continues talking to Kylo. It was an interesting concept of the two being linked by the force, but it was executed badly. Rey has such a pure friendship with Finn and I am disappointed the two friends rarely get any time together, especially after she comes back to help them stop Kylo. I am so glad that she turned down Kylo’s offer and has chosen to stick with her morals and friends. It’s one of the very few redeeming qualities this movie possess. The revelation of her parents being drunk and sold her for drinking money was a huge disappointment. I sincerely hope it is just Kylo attempting to manipulate her and mess with her.

I didn’t like the character of Kylo Ren in the Force Awakens and I hate him even more now. He is literally a teenager acting out against his parents because all kids go through a teenager angst stage of sorts. Seriously, just send the Leia Organa that everyone knows and she’ll have him home and dealt with within the first ten minutes of the film. I have thoroughly maintained that Leia should have been the one who went after their son because let’s face it, Han Solo was never great at feelings. The Leia and Luke fans have grown up with and love would never, and I mean never, give up on Kylo the way they Last Jedi’s Luke and Leia do. Someone just needs to give him a slap and tell him to get over it.

The movie over all was boring and unimaginative. It’s the same concept any other Star Wars film: they have to blow something up and someone always dies. I was disappointed that they killed Luke the way they did. I guess I am glad he did it out of self sacrifice which is what Luke would have wanted. The film did have its moment of beautiful scenery but over all, it was just a great disappointment.

They spent so long building up the character of Snoke, and the way he died was impressive, I hoped that it was Kylo’s road too redemption but then he messed that up. It’s like they are taking a step forward and five steps back.

As always, the visuals effects are truly wonderful and I enjoyed them. It was interesting that they added in new species and different planets. I admit I did enjoy Chewie dealing with the Porgs. They are probably the only thing I actually loved about it, and Chewie. He’s a wee sweetheart.

Perhaps if I watched it again, it would make more sense, or I would pick up on something I missed the first time round. But for now, I’m not rushing to go out and see it again. Hopefully the 9th film answers like…. the entire movie.

May the force be with you.


This is my first ever blogmas and for 24 days I shall review a Christmas Movie a day. The only exception is Christmas Eve (Which you shall see). I have ashamedly not seen most of these movies!

  1. Gremlins
  2.  Home Alone
  3. Bad Santa
  4. Die Hard
  5. The Snowman
  6. Scrooged
  7. Elf
  8. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
  9. How the Grinch stole Christmas
  10. The Santa Claus
  11. The Muppets Christmas Carol
  12. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  13. Arthur Christmas
  14. White Christmas
  15. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  16. The Holiday
  17.  A Christmas Story
  18. Polar Express
  19.  Love Actually
  20. Miracle on 34th Street (original)
  21. Its a Wonderful Life
  22. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
  23. Christmas in Connecticut
  24. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I am excited to watch some of these: some for the first time, some for the first time in a good few years and a few traditions that I watch every year.

Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do!

Justice League: A Honest Review

I’m going to be honest here: I went to see Justice League without high hopes. DC have this habit of producing fantastic trailers with disappointing results and Justice League was no exception.

However: I will admit it was not the worst DC movie I have seen, not the best either. It was average.

I feel like DC have a wonderful team who can cast there characters well, but this Movie was a disappointment. I do not like Ben Affleck as Batman: he doesn’t play Bruce Wayne well, or the Bat himself. He isn’t lean enough, nor a big an asshole as Batman can be. The only casting choices I approve of is Gal Gadot as Wonder Women/Diana Prince and Jason Momoa as Aquaman/ Arthur Curry. It kills me to say the rest don’t work well. I absolutely love Erza Miller and I believe he would be a fantastic Flash, however the character they created in the Justice League movie just… it didn’t work. I get that the Flash is the comedic relief in the Justice League however his one liners and ‘awkward’ attitude just didn’t fit at all with the flow of the film, not that there’s any flow. Another problem I have is Cyborg/Vincent Stone. He doesn’t sound or act like the teenager/ young adult that he is, he just mopes around and suddenly can do things without even knowing what they are or attempting to try them out first. And the voice they used for him does not work when he speaks (not shouts excitedly) Booyah. I know this was for the long term fans of the comics and various TV adaptions but it doesn’t work in the film.

I feel they movie spent too much time introducing us to the character’s than the team coming together for the first time to defeat Steppenwolf. I felt like the movie dragged, and made a whole ordeal about Superman’s return. IT WAS SO BLOODY OBVIOUS THAT SUPERMAN WASN’T GOING TO STAY DEAD. They wasted almost two third’s on the movie with this “big reveal” which everyone knew was coming. The Lego sets, the IMDb page AND the fact that Henry Cavill was at the premier were pretty big spoilers for something that DC tried to keep hidden. Nobody was surprised when Superman came back.

The film itself didn’t fit well together at all. It jumped around a big and had zero flow at all. It didn’t work well, especially when they attempted to add humour into the film. DC have always been known to be dark and gritty, with a few characters such as The Flash being funny, so they should stick to what they know best. As I have mentioned before; the humour doesn’t work. It feels forced and extremely out of place, making Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen appear to be a weaker character than the rest. I suffered great disappointment when my favourite line in the trailers (“What’s your super powers again?”) just didn’t fit into the film. It was like they were trying to remind everyone that Batman is the only team member without powers. It disappointed me greatly when they attempted to hint that Batman is romantically interest in Wonder Woman. The two have very little chemistry onscreen and when they do interact, Batman is mostly a dick to her.

The film had its moments: stunning sets and amazing CGI, and at least it was over quickly. Other than that, I am struggling to find much else positive to say about the film. I know a lot of people have enjoyed it, and admittedly it  is one of the best live adaptations of the DC heroes and villains but… I just don’t like DC films. except Wonder Women. That movie was amazing.

The movie did nothing for me. If I enjoy a movie I get so hyped up but after Justice League, I went home, watched some YouTube videos and fell asleep.

I went in without high hopes and came out satisfied that I was right not to hype myself up over this movie.

You Can’t Get rid of the Babadook

*SPOILER WARNING*   169728-the-babadook-0-230-0-345-crop

The Babadook was one of those rare gems which I found myself excited to watch. I am a huge fan of eighties horror classics and I have found that most modern horror movies are far too predictable. I began to watch the Babadook with the same scepticism, which admittedly makes watching horror (and romance) films difficult for me to stick with. The Babadook did not disappoint me. I went in, predicting the ending and scoffing at the horror clichés however what Jennifer Kent does with these cliches is a wonder breath of fresh air. She takes the classics of a mother-son relationship, of a monster in the closet and a nice neighbourhood and add a fantastic twist to them all.

As much as I hate suspense, I absolutely love a good suspense movie and The Babadook definitely fills  my requirements. There are multiple scenes that had me on the edge of my seat, peaking through my fingers and squealing, only for it to cut away at the very last second. Kent combines a brilliant combination of suspense filled music, editing and camera angles that helps build this fear. We are taken through Amelia’s nightmare with her, feeling what she is feeling and reeling in the reality of her horror as she does. I had already seen the scene where the Babadook had leapt from the ceiling at her, but even after seeing it several times, I still got a fright. This was due to the fact that I had only seen that one scene without any context. It was a whole lot more jump-scare with context than I had braced myself for.  The entire film was an emotional rollercoaster for me, as I screamed in frustration at Amelia, felt her pain about Samuel, and routed for the kid at the end. I had multiple ‘holy fuck’ moments and I admit I stuck on YouTube that night to keep me company as I feel asleep, and even got out of bed to slam my wardrobe doors shut.

As a viewer you are thrown right into the action. There was no establish shot, no scene which introduced the perfect little life that Amelia and Samuel had, it was pure and utter devastating chaos. We were flung straight into Amelia’s deepest fears and regrets. At first, we aren’t sure what is happening but, through the words of Samuel, we learn that poor Amelia lost her husband the same day she gained Samuel. It is this depression and loneliness that Amelia has clung to for the last seven years that the Babadook feeds on.

Samuel, like all children, was extremely perspective to his mother’s moods, and I believe deep down that part of Amelia truly wished that her husband had survived and not Samuel. I am not saying Amelia didn’t love Samuel but she was clinging to a guilt which she blamed herself for the death of her husband and unfortunately poor Samuel was the one who was at the receiving end of it all. Samuel is an extremely brave boy with a grasp on reality and survival. A lot of children his age have grown out of the boogeyman, but I think Samuel knew of The Babadook’s existence before he and Amelia accidentally let it into their house. He was constantly promising to protect his mother whilst simultaneously screaming at her “Do you want to die?!” every time she rejected his claims. It was through Samuel’s beliefs in both his mother and that he could beat the monster in the closet, that they survived.

Like every horror movie before the Babadook, it starts with rejection: the mother rejecting the idea that the boogeyman exists. It ends with the child being right all along and the sole reason why they survived. I admit I find this concept over used and extremely taxing. There’s only so much mother-son horror-dramas that one person can handle. However, the Babadook took  this overused idea and turned it around. Instead of the mother and son having either a picture perfect relationship or a bond from hell, the Babadook made Amelia’s relationship with Samuel realistic and believable. Kent showed the struggles that Amelia, a widower and a single mother was going through: she was struggling to move on from the death of her husband, she was struggling to bond with the other parents, her relationship with her sister was damaged beyond repair and on top of all that, Samuel was lashing out at school and constantly getting into trouble. It was devastating to watch poor Amelia struggle with everything, and the appearance of the Babadook only made things a lot worse.

I have read on multiple other review sites that The Babadook is a metaphor for depression. The more I think about this idea, the more it grows on me. At first, I saw this movie as a another horror-drama with a predictable ending, but it’s meaning goes a whole lot deeper. The movie is a journey through Amelia’s five stages of grief, as she tries to break free from her Babadook, save her son and move on after the death of her husband.  This next part of the review is going to look at each of the five stages of grief and how Amelia goes through with it all.

1: DENIAL: Like every mother in every horror mother, Amelia denies the existence of the Babadook. Amelia struggles against her son’s strong beliefs in the Babadook, often yelling and losing her temper with the poor child. At one point, she attempts to destroy the original book in an attempt to stop the madness once and for all, but as always, the book comes back. In it is a phrase “the more you deny the stronger I get”. This could be seen as a visual for denial in grief; the more a person attempts to deny and ignore their grief, the more it grows and the more difficult it gets to ignore. Even after the destroyed book shows up again, Amelia convinces herself it isn’t real, and goes to the police to report the Babadook is actually a stalker

2. ANGER: This happens in two separate plots to the narrative. The first is Amelia’s anger at her son: at the fact he will not grow out of the monster stage of childhood, that he insist on taking weapons with and even hurts his own cousin out of his anger. She grows frustrated with her son, which allows The Babadook to get into their home, and eventually into Amelia herself. The second is the anger she feels at herself. Amelia blames herself for the death of her husband, and deep down she is struggling to get over it. In her guilt and grief, she finds herself both blaming her son and not. the Babadook feeds on this anger, telling her son that Amelia wishes her son had died and not her husband. Unfortunately for her son, Samuel is too smart to believe the lies the Babadook spins him, even though it hurts him nonetheless.

3. BARGAINING: This is where The Babadook strikes Amelia at her lowest point. He plays with her vulnerability, and promises her, her deepest desire: to be reunited with her husband. The only problem is that the Babadook is demanding her son and dogs life in return. In her weakest moment, Amelia comes close to accepting the deal. However she rejects it, which forces the Babadook to intervene.

4. DEPRESSION: This is growing closer to the finale. Amelia is at her weakest point: she’s been taking over by The Babadook and appears ready to give up. She has been struggling with her depression for seven years, and appears to be unwilling to move from it. She clings to memories of her husband, of his final moments, which only feeds into her guilt, making it impossible for her to want to carry on in multiple scenes in throughout the moment. She is willing to just give up. It is her son’s defiance and determination to save his mum that helps her through this trailing stage.

5. ACCEPTANCE: I believe the way she expelled The Babadook from her body was by eventually accepting her life. She finally accepted that there was no way that her husband was going to come back: that The Babadook’s bargaining was merely a rouse to get her to murder her son. When she reaches the final stage it is then, and only then, that she is able to finally beat the Babadook into submission.

It is the ending I want to discuss now. I was so excited and hyped about this ending. I had somehow managed to avoid spoilers of the ending for three years (so I apologise for spoiling it in advanced) so the ending came as a surprise.

As I have mentioned several times already: I found certain aspects of the movie predictable. Despite predicting that everyone would survive (apart from the dog, which I am still mad about), the ending was not what I excepted. I was caught of guard when Amelia went into the basement, revealing that The Babadook was now living there, and even promising her tormented son that he could see it when it’s older. I found this ending interesting before I read about the Babadook being an acronym for depression. Reviewing the ending with this revelation in my head makes  much more sense.

The ending of the movie, for me, is telling viewers that the depression never goes away, that you will never stop mourning the loss of a loved one and that’s okay. You’ll learn to live with it, like Amelia has and like Amelia, once you have been through the five stages of grief, things will get better. The movie ending is saying that if Amelia can survive and learn to live and look after herself, her son and her Babadook, then so can you. I find this ending extremely touching and meaningful, unlike most horror movie  endings. It was a satisfying ending that gave me closure to the movie. It doesn’t kill off the monster, or send it back to hell, it sends it to a dark corner where it can live and survive and adapt, even recognising Amelia when she comes to feed it and relaxing around her.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed The Babadook. It was a suspense filled masterpiece of a movie, and I would gladly watch it again… with the lights on. It has given me faith in modern horror movies, proving to me that even now, I can still get a good care from these films. I’m not one for blood and gore; it’s more suspense horrors that I love, and The Babadook fills my criteria for a good horror movie: unpredictable, a decent sound track, good suspense building, and a few jump-scares thrown in for good measure. I want to praise Jennifer Kent for her creation  of The Babadook and I am looking forward to seeing what she does next.